See us at Medica  2008 in partnership with Lynton Lasers, LumaCare's UK Distributor. Show Dates 19 - 22 November, 2008

LumaCare will be sponsoring the 28th Annual VCS Conference in Seattle Washington, at the Westin  OCT 18- 21, 2008

American Academy of Dermatology - 66th Annual Meeting - February 1-5, 2008
San Antonio, TX


+1 949 644 0126

USA Address:
P.O. Box 2024,
Newport Beach, CA 92659

  • Sig. Claudio Cesati is a leader in the development of noncoherent light sources and medical lasers. He has over 15 years in mechanical design and fabrication. Sig. Cesati brings patient and operational control interface knowledge to the LumaCare™ team.

  • Mr. Mark Gart is the President of MBG Technologies, Inc. and Ci-Tec. He is the inventor of the LumaCare™ lamp. Mr. Gart is a 20+ year veteran of high-tech research, design, and production, having held several prominent positions with Silicon Valley firms.

  • Mr. Terry M. Saigh, CPA, is an experienced investment banker and financial professional with over 20 years involvement in venture capital in California. 

  • Mr. Joe Wilger, Electrical Engineer Bachelor of Science, 23 years experience within the Electronics Industry. Joe’s background includes: Optics and High Intensity Lamps, Sensors, Telecommunications, Data Storage and Semiconductors. Joe, join the LumaCare™ team in 2002. Entrepreneurial experience includes: Medical Devices, Prototype Development, and Safety Agency Submissions.

  • Additional technical consultants are used as necessary.


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